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Wedding Planning Tools and Guide

Wedding planning is a journey, from when he pops the question with the beautiful engagement ring right up to the day when you both say I do. For some 20,000+ couples that get married every year in New Zealand, the majority of the brides will be doing this for the first time. This section is about creating and sharing some tools that can help to ease the burden and stress that are often associated with wedding planning.

For any typical wedding, the day would be a significant cost to the couple, next to a big overseas trip or a house. There will be at least 10 wedding vendors that you need to find and choose among the thousands that are available. There will be hundreds of lists of things to do, millions of decisions to be made, as well as coordinating with friends and families during the intense hands-on period.

This is why it is important for couples to realise that your wedding is a journey, and every step along the way makes up the overall experience of getting married. We are here to help where we can, and this page is about our commitment and desire to create beautiful and useful tools for brides who are going through this wedding planning journey for the first time.

Your Typical Wedding Planning Journey

  • 6-18 months of wedding planning
  • Days upon days on Pinterest and Facebook, and magazines
  • 100s vendors to browse and research
  • 10+ vendors to coordinate
  • Decide on your wedding budget
  • Keep track of budget and itemise spendings
  • 60-100 guests to invite and track
  • Colour and theme coordination
  • Organise and delegate helpers
  • Finalise itinerary and day structure
  • Endless hours on songs selection
  • Last-minute writing of vows and decisions making
  • Enjoy the day, because it will go by in a flash
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What should be my wedding budget? How much does a New Zealand wedding cost? What is the cost of an average wedding?

These are normally some of the first questions that are asked after the engagement, questions that will have a significant impact on the overall look and theme of the weddings.

Once the budget is decided, the next part is to break down the cost and try to stay within budget while items are compromised against each other as you work out between the Must and the Wants.

Our wedding budget tool is based on Google Sheets. The wedding costs are broken down into groups, allowing you to set the initial budget, enter the final costs and constantly keep track of the amount spent against the budget, and to be constantly aware of the amount left over that can be spent on the weddings.


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Our Wedding Budget Worksheet was created using Google Sheet. All the calculations have been built into the document, and thus you don't need much knowledge of Excel or Sheet to use the document. You just simply enter the cost values as well as any other relevant information for record keeping, such as vendors' details.

Download the File

This is straightforward, where you can fill the form to access our Wedding Budget Tool.

If You have a Google Account

If you have a Google Account, i.e. a Gmail account, you can easily upload the document to your Google Drive and able to get started with your budget planning immediately.

If you don't have a Google Account but want to use it

If you don't have a Google Account, it is very straightforward and FREE to create a google account. Create your Google Account here.

The advantage of working with the document online is that you can access your information anywhere in the world that you have access to the internet. Your budget will always be up to date no matter where you are and what device that you use.

If you want to use the document on your computer only

You can use Microsoft Excel if you have access to the suite. Alternative, you can use Libre Office which is free to download. Remember that the document has been carefully arranged so you do not need much knowledge of the software in order to use the sheet. You just need open the document, and start entering data and cost estimates and away you go.


Wedding planning involves a lot of visualisation, about the dress, the flower, the colour, the decor, and how they all combine into a perfect match to reflect you and your personality. We have put together an ever growing Visual Library with lots of images to get you inspired. 

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New Zealand is full of beautiful places for elopement wedding photography especially during the golden hour
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