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My Kiwi Wedding is a leading New Zealand wedding planning online portal, and one of our main mission is to provide valuable wedding planning tips and advice to fellow New Zealand brides who are getting married for the first time. For these brides,  wedding research is probably the biggest part of the journey to ensure that it is a smooth process and the magical day will actually be magical. This is why our Wedding Tips and Advice section is getting more and more popular every day, with many of our articles rank on Top Google pages for their key words and search results. We want to continually build this section, and we need your help. While we can write many well research and in-depth wedding articles, nothing can beat first hand information that comes from professionals and experienced and skilled vendors who share the same passion as we do.

If you would like to contribute with your knowledge and expertise, we would love to hear from you.

Benefits to you as the contributor:

We have detailed an in-depth article about 6 Reasons why you would want to collaborate with My Kiwi Wedding. Here is a quick summar:

  1. Grow your authority
  2. Reach out to the audience
  3. Organic backlink
  4. Be seen by Google
  5. Marketing benefit that lasts
  6. Benefit from our SEO skills

Two Types of Articles to Contribute

There are two types of content you can submit to My Kiwi Wedding to help us and to help you to increase our online presence and thus, hopefully, look more favourable in the search results.

Certainly, if you have time, you are more than welcome to contribute to both types of articles. This way, we can link the tips and content article to your vendor feature as well as your external website.

If you can only do one article, we would recommend the Tips and Advice article as these content have much more search queries and traffic. Don't forget, these wedding planning problems and questions will always come up every year, and thus the useful lifetime of well written and in-depth content can be long and well worthwhile.

Tips and Advice

Brides are always looking for help, and this is where your expertise and knowledge is invaluable. Many brides need help with ways to personalise their wedding theme, style and decoration.

Some recommendations:

  • identify problems that brides face in their wedding planning
  • talk about benefits when the problems are solved
  • use your expertise to discuss solutions, ideas, tips
  • Don't be afraid to reference external sources, other websites, or any other places where brides can access useful and informative content
  • Do mention about you and your business, especially at the beginning and at the end, but only to tie in with the problems that are being addressed
  • choose great images to support your article and content. Brides always love wedding planning images.
  • A list style of content is always popular, such as, 7 ways to ...., or 5 great tips to .....

A great Tips and Advice content below.

15 Tips for Eco Friendly Wedding Planning in New Zealand

Vendor Features

The Vendors Features content is more than just talking about who you are and what you do. It is more about your love for the wedding industry, and your passion and desire to contribute and help kiwi brides to plan and personalise their wedding days.

Some Recommendationsabout content for your article:

  • Your journey and history, and why you want to be involved in the wedding industry
  • What does it man to you to work on a personal level with brides
  • Talk about the benefits of your services/products to the brides. Don't spend too much time discussing the technical and detailed aspects of what you do
  • Make the content more personal and relatable, rather than details and stats and hard facts.
  • Don't be afraid to all poppy syndrome. If you are proud of certain achievements, please do mention. But make sure to tie back to the benefits for the brides and their wedding planning.

A great example below.

One Poppy – Auckland Wedding Florist

Important Notes to Consider

We have put together a little tips section of our own to ensure we make the most out of your time, effort and contribution. We want to create beautiful and informative articles, but at the same time, to help drive traffic and Google goodness to your business and website where possible. We hope the notes below are helpful, and please use them as a guideline, rather than strict instructions.

The benefits

We want to focus the attention on how your services and products can benefits brides and how you can help make their wedding plans come true and be unique and personalised. For example, instead of saying what this sign table is made out of, and the height and weight of the table, discuss about how such a table can help to bring out the antique theme of the day, etc.

We recommend that:

  • Start with a title. List titles are always catchy, e.g. 5 ways to incorporate rustic theme into your wedding planning.
  • Plan your content using bullet points
  • And then fill in the content

Writing Style

  • Brides don't want to be lectured, but to be inspired and be bombarded with ideas
  • Brides want to personalise their weddings and create their fantasy a reality
  • It is important to break the articles into paragraph and points, to make it easier to read and follow
  • Feel free to write the content in first or third person format
  • The articles are not a sales pitch, or a self promotional content. The main purpose is always to provide tips and help to brides
  • However, we want to mention your business somewhere in the articles where appropriate, as well making it clear you are the contributor and to provide links to encourage the viewers to visit your business to find out more details

Word Count

  • At least 800 words (1500 words would be ideal), but longer is always better. Google enjoys long content that is both helpful and engaging.
  • Longer articles can be useful, but only if they need to be. In another word, please don't make the articles long just for the sake of the word count. Our experience has shown that it is not difficult to reach 800 words, especially if the articles are indepth and detailed.

Don't Duplicate Content

  • Google HATES and actually penalises duplicate content. Therefore, it is important not to copy and paste, from your website to our website, to create an article. This can negatively affect both of our ranking points with Google
  • We can easily use your existing articles are starting points, using similar information, but its important to make the articles unique and insightful


  • Please ensure that you own the copyright to all the content that you share and upload to My Kiwi Wedding, as per our Terms and Conditions
  • If you quote or reference external sources, please credit them accordingly and carry out any due diligence required in order to use such content appropriately and legally


  • It is utmost important that you either own the copyrights to the images, or have the authority from the copyright holder to upload and to allow us to use the images
  • 1500 pixels on the longest side is adequate for our website and on mobile devices, without slowing down the pages
  • Please upload 5-10 images, so we can have a selection to choose from
  • Include your business logo as well
  • Image Titles: Naming your images is important, as this would help Google to know what the image is about. Please remember, Google cannot see images, it can only see text and characters. Therefore, if an image is labelled CN52456.jpg, this does not help Google at all. However, if you were to name the image XYZ(your brand name)-wedding-florist-1.jpg, the Google would understand quite a bit more about the image.
  • Atl Text: For those who are a bit more tech-savy, Alt Text is the extra description of the image, if the image cannot be displayed. This is another valuable piece of information for Google to help rank the articles.